On possibility and action

Imagine if the possibility and action are living beings and having the following dialog:

“You came to my life and inspired me to transform into you…but now I got that you’re not mine. Fear can influence you as well.  I wanted you to be mine only but you cannot even though it seems you want to. I must get back to who I was…pure form of possibility,” Possibility said to Action.

“I know that you, the possibility and the fear – both want to conquer me. But why you’re giving up?”

“I’m the possibility. I don’t have a good relationship with the fear.  I want to have you on my side, I want to live for the sole purpose of transforming myself into you but you don’t get it… you get influenced by the fear as well…”

“I know I can get influenced by the fear or by you but do you know that without you, I will remain just a meaningless form of mine… I was expecting you to take over me and leave no room for the fear to even interact with me…”

“No. I don’t have those abilities. I’m just a possibility.  I can’t influence you. You have to figure out a way to influence yourself and be with me forever…”

In fight between possibility and action, both lose. Action wants to be led by the possibility but he cannot. Possibility wants to transform herself into actions but she cannot.

The problem is not with the possibility or the action. The problem is with us. We don’t let the possibility transform into action. We let our fears take the better of us.

We are afraid of so many things that might never happen.

We disserve ourselves by keeping the possibility and actions away.

The devils of fears are eager to conquer the world of action and make the world a place worth not living.

It is up to us. Let’s allow the possibility, not the fear, to lead our lives and empower them by active actions and make the world a better place.