Conquer your choices

By default, all of us strive to defend our status-quo. We need certainty and anything uncertain makes us uncomfortable.

It’s easy to visit that same restaurant every time you go eating out. It’s easy to go to nearby hill-station every time you go for holidays. It’s easy to spend almost all the time with the same people and with more or less same conversations…It’s easy to stay in status-quo.


If you don’t try new restaurants, you may never discover your new favorite dish. If you don’t visit other places then you’ll miss out on knowing and learning from different cultures. If you don’t meet new people and have diverse conversations, you might never learn from their experiences.

Sure, it comes with discomfort. New restaurants may not be as good. New travel place may be inferior. New people may not be of your type. But, having different experiences is essential to your continuous learning and growth.

And that’s what effective leaders do. They strive to have different experiences. They find comfort in being uncomfortable and that’s what makes them stand out.

Effective leaders understand one distinction clearly: choice.

You, I and everyone else in this world can make our own choices. We can choose to be more adventurous. We can choose to have more experiences. We can choose to implant more passion and energy in our life even on the face of uncertainties.

We can always choose.

The world created by active choices is pretty fascinating. It is pretty fascinating because, in that world, there are no regrets, only consequences. Not very easy always but that’s what.

Out there, a fascinating world awaits you. Between you and that fascinating world, rest your choices. Go and conquer them. Lead yourself effectively.