Conclusion kills

I prefer not to jump to the conclusions especially when I don’t have necessary data and well-thought perceptions about a matter. 

I prefer not to conclude on the matter until it makes an absolute sense. Because I believe that conclusion kills. Conclusion kills the possibility to learn deeply about the matter.

An acquaintance who concludes very quickly asked me once: Why not to conclude and execute with speed? Binary results – zeros and ones – give me the clarity to move forward fast.

I get it. Moving forward fast is important. But we need to know that moving forward fast does not always equate to making progress.

With that said, I have no issues with conclusions. They often provide us foundation to base our next set of actions. But I do not appreciate the tendency of jumping to conclusions very quickly.

A better way is to refrain from jumping to conclusions without adequate data and keep things open and execute in tiny chunks continuously.

The continuous execution requires a feedback loop where you get to know the situational feedback after executing a small chunk of what needs to be executed.

That’s what agile mindset is all about. That’s what differentiates continuous learners from others.

Be a continuous learner, don’t jump to the conclusions – because conclusions kill!