On challenges

Victories without attempts may be pleasant, but that may be the only victories you would achieve. 

You will expect quick, effortless victories. But life is not going to fulfill that expectation!

One day, life will hit you hard with an unexpected challenge, and you’ll lack the ability to deal with the challenge.

Unprepared as you would deal with the unexpected challenge by being down, devastated, and depressed.

You’ll start to feel like a victim, but the truth would be you wouldn’t have developed the necessary skills and abilities.

Not surprisingly, you would not have learned to appreciate the people who made you win in the past without any attempts on your part. 

If you have your parents, teachers, or mentors (e.g., caretakers) take too much care of you and offer you victories of different kinds (those chocolates, that car, that beautiful home, or that trip to heaven and back…), know that their care for you is genuine. Still, if you take their attention for granted, you might unknowingly develop a mindset that won’t serve you.

As a result, you might develop a habit of depending on your caretakers and expect that easy victories are routine and should come to you. 

Such a habit is a dis-serving mental model of life expectations.

A better mental model is this – whenever you are given a quick, effortless victory, know that you can also create such a success for yourself and your loved ones.


Although all the riches and comforts are available, deliberately choose the steep path. And transform yourself so that the way remains no longer difficult for you. 

Resist your temptation to set your aims low. If you learn to think big and have an ambitious goal, you’ll develop the necessary skills and mindset to reach there. 

When you take the challenges head-on, you are on your path to growing personally. 

When you beat those challenges, you get a sense of confidence and accomplishment, which will fuel the actions for the next phase of life you have always wanted to live!