But I’m just doing my job

The problem with the ones who just do their job is that they rarely make any difference.

Your team is about to miss a deadline and your job is to inform the customer three days in advance according to your contract.  You sent an email to the customer stating the delay and you think your job is done.

Your direct report is passing through a personal challenge and requested work from home. You know that your organization doesn’t allow work from home except for extreme medical conditions so you let your direct report know the same and you think your job is done.

What if you connect with the customer, explain why you couldn’t meet the milestone and candidly convey about the steps you’re taking to deliver redefined milestone as early as possible.

What if you talk to your direct report, understand his problem, connect with HR and work out a way that is win-win for the direct report and the organization.

The ones who make a difference take ownership of the situation and add value in the matter they’re involved in regardless of their job description.

Don’t just do your job, make a difference. Easier said than done.