The Business Card

What should I do to have a perfect Business Card designed?

When starting a new business, have you felt confused about having a perfect business card?

Here’s a point of view: Invest no more than 15 minutes thinking about making it perfect. It’s your business and you have other important demons to chase.

Revenue Goals? Active Users? Headcount? Anything of that doesn’t sound more important?

Here are four quick Business Card Design tips

  1. Get a simple and nice design with lots of white space;
  2. Write the content and perform the spell check;
  3. Get them printed on a decent card;
  4. Don’t hold directors meeting with the designer for 4 hours just for “perfecting” the design

I see newbie business founders spending days (and sometimes weeks) to identifying a perfect business card design. They keep thinking and discussing the font, color, typeface positioning and more.

It might be a ‘cool’ activity but too much of it is unimportant for the business.

The simple purpose of having a business card is to communicate your contact details to the prospect. That’s it.

I’m not asking you to settle for a lousy design but a simple + clean + readable design will do the necessary job!

Your business needs your time on other more important activities.

Create products. Generate leads. Convert the prospects into the clients and then do everything possible to delight them. Remember, one delighted client will bring 10 more while 1 unsatisfied client will take 100 clients away.

You can spend time on your business card design or spend time building your business.

The choice is yours. And you can make a better one!

PS: The same logic applies not only to the business cards but also to your website, your social media accounts, your cafeteria or the production wing’s wall. You got it, didn’t you?