Binary thinking

It is easy to have things sorted out in binary – Zero and One.

Either it will work or it won’t. Zero or One.

A lot of people look at things from Zero and One perspective. For them, people and situations are right or wrong; good or bad; white or black.

The problem with the mindset of always looking at things from Zero and One perspective is that you need to draw conclusions all the time.

While timely conclusions are a good way to move forward, early conclusions can lead you to make less than appropriate choices.

The¬†habit of concluding early shows your inability to keep things open and still execute the apparent “right” thing.

Concluding too quickly is a form of giving up.

Giving up is easy. Harder is to keep it open and still take the actions that matter.

Good thing is that you can train your mind to keep things open and still execute right. Execution brings results, not the conclusions.

Whenever you make a conclusion, give yourself a pause and think if you are concluding too early. Just this small act of awareness will make a positive difference in your life.