Being Anxious Vs. Taking Responsibility

Today, I met a Product Manager. 

“We released the product but haven’t received enough inquiries within a week of launching. How long before I should start being anxious?” He asked.

Of course, the answer is, “You should never start getting anxious.”

Being anxious is not a helpful behavior.

Being anxious doesn’t change any results. Being anxious spoils your day. Being anxious distracts you from what you’re doing. You may have made a fool of yourself into believing that it’s predestined, but it’s not.

Taking responsibility makes all that difference.

Taking responsibility is a useful behavior. Taking responsibility will change the results. Taking responsibility will make your day. Taking responsibility will bring you closer to your goal. Taking responsibility will ignite massive actions out of which some will be relevant. 

If clients don’t inquire, being anxious won’t change the situation, taking responsibility and trying something else might.

Now, if you haven’t taken responsibility, then you’ve got one more thing to be anxious about! 😉