Begin charity at home

The other day, a friend and I were talking.

He was not happy because he was not able to help his needy relative.

Not surprisingly, my friend’s life was challenging¬†and he found one more way to feel victimized.

I listened to him and took him to a calm place.

“I see that your real problem is not that you are not able to help your relative, the real problem is what you are “thinking” about the same,” I said. “Every good (or bad) thing emerges within us in form of a thought. If we change our thoughts, then the quality of our life will change!”

“I am listening,” he said.

“Slow down and rather than jumping to a conclusion that because you could not help your relative, you are not a good human, look at it from another perspective that your relative is in the process of dealing with his problems in his own way and building his own strength,” I continued.¬†“Because he is not able to get a help from you, he will have to expand his horizon and figure out how he can solve this problem without you!”

Before concluding that you are not good, be aware of your thoughts and you will start feeling differently and your actions change.

We often think that we are a victim of other’s actions and intentions but it is just a thought, not a reality.

When I ask you to begin charity at home, I ask you to look at your thoughts with awareness and do the necessary cleaning before feeling good or bad about helping someone else.