Deliberate human

Everyone wants to be happy but only a few are. Why?

We want to be someone who is happy, delighted and like but often, our own actions come in its way.

Why is it so?

Most of us are not the persons we want us to be. We often don’t feel good about that. Sometimes, we get angry with our own self because of that.  Read on for a couple of more minutes and you’ll know something that will help.

Let’s get started. Pause, drink a glass of water and answer the following questions as candidly as you can:

  1. Are you the happiest person you know?
  2. Are you jealous of someone? Or do you envy someone?
  3. How much of your time is spent in gossips?
  4. Are your bodily actions in harmony with what you think and feel?
  5. Are you tempted to eat the sugar-powered and fat-fueled food?
  6. Do you think you’re wealthy? Think beyond your Bank Balance, Gold and Cash-in-hand. Wealth is something more. Did I mention fulfilling and enriched relationships?
  7. Are you at peace with your past being?
  8. Do you have trust in your abilities to deal with an uncertain next?
  9. Do you feel negative about someone?
  10. Are you worried about something?

Your individual answers may vary depending upon various factors but that’s not the point. Point is, when you do this exercise, your awareness about your own self will be at a much higher level.

Now, you are in a position to see a clearer picture of who you are.

Does this version of your match with who you want to be?


Do you know the reason behind it?

We are not the one who we want to be because our actions don’t fulfill the expectations that we knowingly or unknowingly set for us.

Why can’t we fulfill such expectations?

Here’s a most common reason – We falsely keep higher regards of our own capabilities than what they actually are.

We think of us in terms of what we should be doing, not what we are doing. Our inner being lives in the “Should” world.

This pattern keeps us throwing between our past and our imaginary future; it keeps us away with what is…it keeps us away with our present moment.

When we keep away with our present moment, we keep away with life. Because only our present moment is our real life, our past and our future exist only in our memories and hopes; only in our thoughts.

How to be a person you want to be?

One magical word has the potential to make it happen. And, that word is ‘Awareness’.

Be aware of who you want to be and who you actually are.  Make a note of one change you need to make to minimize the gap between who you are and who you want to be.

Now, act on that note. Fuel it with disciplined actions, retrospect weekly and observe.

If you can deliberately move an inch forward in the direction of where you want to be, sooner than later, you will be a person you want to be.

Remember, only we write a story about our life. Don’t let your non-deliberate actions hold the pen of your life story.

When you have an opportunity to maximize the joy of the present moment, you don’t want to spend that moment regretting your past, do you?