On taking a bank loan

Are you not getting a lot of phone calls from almost every Bank out there offering you different sort of loans? Do you ever think why you get such unsolicited calls? 

You think taking a Bank Loan is an opportunity for you but in reality, the opposite is true.

You’re an opportunity to the Bank offering you the loan. It’s their business, baby!

Every day, you’ve invested in yourself and made some choices. Your choices are reflected in the Bank accounts you have or the credit cards you use. You’re the product of your choices, active or passive.

Does the Bank offer you the loan deserve that product – YOU?

When you take a loan from a Bank, you don’t get money as a gift. You commit to paying them more money eventually than you have bought. In installments with compound interest applied.

It’s easy to feel happy when you get a loan. But it is wiser to understand that when you take a loan, you commit an important part of your life in doing things that you may or may not like to do, just to repay the loan.

Now this applies to you only if you intend to pay the loan back :).

Well, taking a Bank Loan can actually be good; especially when you have a definite goal that you want to achieve by doing whatever it takes. Regardless whether you like the means or not.