Customer of thoughts

Are your thoughts serving their customer well?

After half an hour of waiting, “I’ll be attending you in just 10 minutes,” is a dull statement because it’s a pledge not meant to be kept.

It actually means, “You’re not important and I would say anything I feel fine to neglect you for the time being.”

After 4-5 minutes of inputting IVR system responses and waiting for an answer at a mobile service call center, “Your call is important to us.  You are in queue…our customer service officer will attend you shortly…” followed by some marketing blah…blah… blah is even duller.

“Our developers will release today’s software update at 4 pm…” followed by at 3:45 pm “It seems that our developers will release today’s update at 5 pm…” followed by at 5:15 pm, “It seems they will be able to make it by 6:30 pm…” is the dullest.

The truth is apparent.  It says that something other than you (the customer) is important.

The problem with such imitations is they smudge the air but lead quickly to bigger faux.

The worst of such imitations are the once you make to yourself. Once you’re willing to imitate your thoughts, you’re also willing to cheat at a friendly TT game, and after that, it’s all declivitous. Think, aren’t you the customer of your thoughts?

Individuals that choose to stand by their words have much easier games to play. They earn esteem and Luck favors them. Organizations that keep their smallest promises and empower their people to stand by their words, make a difference.

And it doesn’t require a degree from Harvard or an ISO certification to do that. It’s a choice, instead.