Are you trapped in an unconstructed action space?

If you feel that your life is not fulfilled or you have got trapped in a series of circumstances, here’s a question you need to ask yourself:

Given that the information you possess today, do any of your actions represent a commitment of vigor, time, spirit, or efforts that, you would not commit to again?

Then consider a few more questions like:

  1. Are there any products you wouldn’t offer knowing what you know today – about the market conditions, quality of products, competition – anything?
  2. Are you working with an organization whose operating methodologies do not match your principles?
  3. Are you serving a position unsuitable for the knowledge and skills you have cultivated over time?
  4. Is there anyone in your team you would not hire today, considering all the information you have about that person?

If you answer “yes” to any such question, the next set of questions would be even more important:

  1. Why are you offering that product today?
  2. Why are you working with that organization?
  3. Why are you serving that position?
  4. Why is that member still on your team?

What has made sense in the past may not make sense today. Yet, we’re so busy doing whatever we do that we find ourselves trapped in the status quo – an unconstructed action space.

There may be times when the answers are not crystal clear. In a failing relationship, for example, the proper decision may not be to simply break it down but to find a common communication ground, think about the probable solutions, and try to add a new life to the relationship.

May it be crystal clear or hazy,  construct the nothingness and restart. Your unconstructed action space is NOT something you wanted to be in…but has been imposed by the actions you did not control consciously.

Create a deliberate space that you can fill with whatever you intend to.