Input Vs. Output

Are you measured by the results produced or the time spent in the office?

You are considered an expert in your field and you have recently changed your employer for a good package.

To produce great output in your expertise area, you need to spend only a few hours a day – you don’t need to come at a fixed time and go at a fixed time but your output is just excellent.

The other persons in your organization with similar experience level and position spend the whole day (and sometimes nights also) to produce almost the same (maybe inferior) results. They come before the official time starts and normally go hours after the office time is over.

Now there are 2 types of organizational cultures.

  1. Type – A: Organizations who measure your work by results.
  2. Type – B: Organizations who measure your work by the time you spend at the office.

Wonderful if your organization culture falls in Type-A, annoying otherwise.

Such annoyance may lead you to do the efforts of changing organization culture – trying to convert it to Type-A.

In your career, it would be a very costly mistake. Organization Cultures are like countries – they seldom change!

The better decision would be to find a culture where you will be valued by the results you produce and not by the time you spend in the office.