My App Vs. Their App

When you say “my app” and they are “my userbase”, you’re concluding it wrong.

Your app is not your app and your userbase is not your userbase.

For example, I use WhatsApp and WhatsApp is my app, I don’t care if it is from WhatsApp Inc. or some other company.

I would not write about WhatsApp here if WhatsApp Inc. would have asked me (or bribed me in whatever form) to write about it.

I write about WhatsApp because I consider it mine. It solves my problem and just for $1 per year. (Update: they stopped charging even $1 now)

Do you see the point?

Still, most App developers don’t get it. They want everyone to download the app and share their positive feedback.

Techniques to market your App would work only when your target userbase would consider your app, well, “their” app.

Don’t get fooled by apparent momentum that your aggressive marketing techniques might bring. In your heart, you know whether your app is your user’s app or not.

Your App is not yours. Your userbase is not your yours. Action happens only because of your target user’s love towards something that they want to do.

Every App Marketer wants Action (and Calls to Action) but only a few know what it takes!