No goals

You have been trained to define and achieve the goals. Oh sorry, not just the goals but SMART goals!

Over the period, you became good at it.

And you started achieving the goals that you set for yourself.

If you are like most people, you would have achieved most goals you had set.

So far so good.

But …

Did you know that your habit of achieving the goals may be hindering your true growth?


Let me explain.

Goals you can easily achieve are a self-fulfilling prophecy: you shield yourself from failure, don’t work as intense as you could, expect a not-so-excellent result and mostly, you get them!

Unachievable goals, on the flip side, will unavoidably lead to dissatisfaction. Keep hovering what you expect and sooner or later such goals won’t be achieved. A good result that’s less than what you were hoping would feel like a flop-show.

Perhaps it’s worth considering no goals. Just concentrated effort. What you get in return is a pure outcome that your efforts deserve.

If you use the time you spend worrying about unachievable goals in just making concentrated efforts, chances are high that you might achieve the goals that were once unachievable.

Goals or no goals, always do your best!

That’s an alternate point of view for achieving your goals!