The absolute right thing

Consciously or not, everyone searches for it but only a few have figured that out: The ABSOLUTE right thing.

The problem with the absolute right thing is that you don’t know it beforehand.

That’s how the absolute right things work. They are not evident because they’re easy to discover, they’re evident because they have been figured out.

the absolute right thing

When Rovio thought of Angry Birds, it was not the absolute right thing. They created Angry Birds and made it right.

Investing your energies to find out the right thing is a waste. Much better is to do what you believe in, take some actions, inspect the outcomes, learn from it, expand your beliefs and take some more actions.

Waiting for the absolute right thing is favorite time-pass for people who do not want to assume – or who are not capable of assuming – the ownership of their own life and make something happen.

Choose to do otherwise. A perfect world does not exist. Absolute Right Things are not ABSOLUTE RIGHT THINGS unless they are discovered to be right. A not so easy but useful distinction to have.