A leader beyond her title leads by 7

This age is of being the best version of you, being able to provide unmatchable value in everything you do, regardless of your position or title.

The following 7 points throw some light on what it takes to be a leader beyond the title:

  1. Embracing creativity – It is often possible to solve the problems with creative thinking even though it might not sound logical at its first glance.  Sure, she is as logical as hell can get but she has nurtured right side of her brain well. 
  2. Mastering at-least ONE skill –She’s the best and can do a world-class job in at least one (important) skill. It is the result of hard+smart work and she has spent countless no of hours perfecting that skill. Oh, and did I say that sometimes being a generalist is a special skill! 😮
  3. Being genuine – She is genuine and friendly. It does not mean she is people-pleasing but she is not afraid to show her vulnerability. She smiles when it’s natural and doesn’t wear a masked smile to fit a situation. In other words, she says what she means and means what she says.
  4. Showing instinct – She makes optimum use of this natural leadership resource that all of us have, instinct.  Nonetheless, she evaluates all the possible actions with good analysis but operates often from her gut. Often when reasons don’t help, her instinct does. 
  5. Assuming responsibility – She takes responsibility for her tasks and the tasks her teams do. By choice, she is response-able for every situation: for her personal happiness, for her well-being, for doing her job well, for being a loving family member, for better health; for making the best use of her energies, for every area of her life, and for everything that’s happening to her. For example, she assumes responsibility like Peter did in this story.
  6. Being OK with the discomfort – She is comfortable being uncomfortable. She sets the next impossible target and crushes that with a notable margin.  She understands that the risks are always personal and the benefits are for all. It is not that she does not feel the dread; she does but still chooses to do it anyway.
  7. Traveling road-less – She travels from situations to situations regardless of whether there is a defined road or not. In most cases, the well-traveled roads are of mediocrity but she chooses to take the unconventional steps to create and leave a trail. 

Power Question: Are you limited by your title or able to lead your way regardless of your position?