7 Sunday questions to muse upon

Given the Sunday is an off day, isn’t it good if we give some time to reflect upon the quality of the past week and what we can do to make it even better.

  1. Did I learn anything new last week? – No? Okay, better something this week then.
  2. What was my accomplishment of the week? – Do I feel more confident now?
  3. Was the last week stressful? – Yes? Was the stress worth taking?
  4. What made a positive difference in my thinking last week? – Was it a book? A blog post? A discussion with a colleague or mentor? Any other experience? What was that?
  5. Did my health support me well in doing whatever I’m doing?
  6. Did I listen to my favorite music last week?
  7. How would I like to spend my coming week if this would be the last week of my life?