7 lessons Learned From the Movie: Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Watched Jab Tak Hai Jaan today. First-day first show. Pre-booked it for whatever Multiplex and whatever prices it could take. I don’t do this often. But this case was different. When first I listened to the poem of JTHJ, I got enthralled. Something unknown touched. Intensity…love…aggression…or all three.

So, I watched it today. The experience was just awesome. Mind-blowing performances from almost everyone involved. Probably this is the most romantic film Yashraj has ever produced to date.

Enjoyed every bit of the movie. It’s full of emotions, instinct, love, intensity, good music, great locations, and superb acting.

Great movie with many lessons to learn. Here are the quick seven (not a spoiler):

1. Journal daily

Prime benefit journaling provides is it enables you to retrospect and get better at what you do. It’s always good to note down what you do, how you feel and your reflections around it. When you’re struggling with the challenges of life, such a journal may become your lifeline. When by mistake someone reads it, they may choose to start believing in what you’re doing and join the forces with you.

One main lead character keeps the journal. The journalist finds it and the story goes on. It is the journal that enables the lead character to find the love of his life towards the end.

Given you live life transparently; journaling is the most effective tool you can ever have.

2. Live Life Fully

Regardless of what you do, do it with all your heart. It could be as small as cleaning the snow or playing guitar in public for earning some bucks.

When you give your 100% to the work you engage in, you start getting lucky.

The lead character finds the love of his life while doing all that he was doing with full of his heart. Not all people are lucky enough to find the love of their lives the way he found. No surprises. People are afraid of living fully.

Love is life so if you don’t live fully, why would it come to you?

3. Love unreasonably

When you love someone, love him or her unreasonably.

Often people fall in love. Sometimes things work out, sometimes don’t. If things are working out, they continue to love. If things are not working out, they oftentimes find reasons not to love the person they used to love and start finding their replacement.

Now, that is not Love. That may be adjustment or arrangement or whatever else but not love.

Regardless of what happens to you, how the person you love responds to you, you can always choose to love unreasonably. Not always easy but that’s what.

The lead male character loves the lead female character unreasonably. Passionately. With all of his heart. Although it doesn’t sound practical for what he does. It doesn’t sound reasonable to be alone and play with death every day. He does that. Unreasonably. For his love. And you will need to watch the end to know the complete story.

Love is NEVER practical. It’s intangible and takes an unreasonable passion to be in it. To be it. So today, choose to be Love and see how life unfolds.

4. Be fearless

You can live life with two prime perspectives.

  1. With fearful thinking or
  2. With fearless thinking.

If you live a fearful life then your actions will be small. You will NOT do something because of XYZ reasons. But if you live fearless life then you will earn titles such as “The Man Who Cannot Die” and people would love to follow you.

The lead character refuses to take precautions that his fellow team members take. His point of view is: Life itself is riskier but we don’t have any precautions about so what’s the point of having a false sense of security by having so-called precautions when actually it is not?

Leading Television Channels would like to create a documentary film on your fearless life. All that might lead you to discover your destiny the way it did with the leading character.

5. Be a God Loving Person Rather Than God Fearing Person

When things don’t go as planned, we often start blaming God for it. We believe something, we condition our mind to believe something and then blame God for it. Even if we don’t blame God sometimes but we fear them and do different things to deal with that fear.

It only hurts us as we develop a habit of living a conditional life.

For example,

If God makes me earn $25000 in a month then I’ll do this charity

If God makes my daughter will top the exam, I’ll do one month of fasting

If God makes me healthy, I’ll offer them one hour of prayer every day


You get the idea. The leading female character has belief in God but in order to correctly interpret the Language of God, she has to wait for years…just because of one thing – mind conditioning.

Remember, God never lets you down. God wants us to win. But it is us who let ourselves down by practicing limiting habits, don’t presume responsibility of the situation and don’t take appropriate actions. So, be a God loving person and live a very different life.

6. Follow Your Heart

In our lives, we encounter situations where we want to do something but we often don’t do it because it doesn’t seem right.

We refuse to join that less paying job even if we think that we’ll be very happy if we do that. We hesitate to develop relationships with strangers because conventional wisdom says it might be risky. We choose to play with mind rather than following our heart.

We have been taught to act that way. It’s indeed small thinking that leads us to live a life full of regrets. Instead, follow your heart. Make some mistakes. Talk straight, behave transparently and see what happens.

7. Be the Man Who Cannot Die

It takes lots of guts and courage to be such a man. Each of us has a fear of death. We often think about what will happen if we die.

And we live life by keeping that fear in the back of our mind. We take insurance policies, make huge investments, live in future and do all such things just for a reason – death of self. We think that our near and dear ones should be taken care of when we die.

Instead, choose to flirt with death. In fact, we die every moment. We take birth every moment. Given you are 30 years of age, think of the time when you were of a 5-year-old baby. Where is that version of you? Isn’t it dead? Aren’t you a different person today? Wouldn’t you be a different person when you’re 70?

So, implant all of yourself into all what you do. Your physical body may be wiped off in the waves of time but the work you do will live forever. To be the Man Who Cannot Die, You need to start living life by making active choices and assuming all the responsibilities about its consequences.

Learning is everywhere. In all that we do. Including watching movies on holidays too. So, enjoy holidays to the fullest and have a Very Happy Diwali 2012.