How to deal with fear

If you found yourself lost in the forest of fears, you can consider the following five options:

  1. Working on keeping your instincts alive;
  2. Find a companion who is a possibility thinker;
  3. No matter what, conquer your fears even faster;
  4. Give up to your fears and live a passive life;
  5. Roar like a lion, feel the fear but do what needs to be done anyways!

First one is too difficult, I know.
Second, you don’t know if it will happen.
The third is the most important – wise men say you must do that.
Fourth, a passive one. You generally don’t choose that actively but…
Fifth, the most effective amongst all five.

Go ahead, change your tools and techniques when the situation demands. If you are clear about what matters to you, you’ll figure out a way, a technique that will work for you.

You don’t know precisely how it will work but it will, for sure if you give your 100 percent.

Don’t know how to give your 100 percent? Read this short guide on giving your 100 percent¬†today.

Sometimes, believing in ONE possibility and do whatever it takes is more rewarding than waiting for all the clarity for taking actions.