25 Ways to Motivate Your People Without Giving Financial Rewards!

In an organization, many middle managers feel helpless in motivating their team members because they do not have the authority to give their team any financial rewards.

Not true. Here are some non-financial ways to reward your team members:

  1. Smile;
  2. Thank them;
  3. Give them some time off;
  4. Give them an opportunity to work on interesting projects;
  5. Inspire them to take a course or learn a new language;
  6. Offer a meal out;
  7. Send them an “I appreciate you!” handwritten card;
  8. Send them an email recognizing their contribution and cc the planet (well, not the planet but enough people who would notice it)
  9. Give them an award;
  10. Gift them a badge/pin/tie;
  11. Share an insightful book with them;
  12. Give them some Chocolates;
  13. Sponsor them movie tickets;
  14. Give them genuine compliments in public;
  15. Give them Assertive feedback on their work-performance;
  16. Invite them to a coffee or lunch;
  17. Give them solicitations for advice;
  18. Give them recognition in a company publication;
  19. Engage them in a job with more responsibilities;
  20. Make a joint visit to a supplier or customer;
  21. Offer them extended breaks;
  22. Inspire them to work on a personal project;
  23. Allow them to use any equipment/machinery;
  24. Offer them to make a presentation for a demo/meeting;
  25. Encourage them to attend a conference/seminar;

There are various ways to motivate your people. Above are a few, if you know any specific way and would like to share it with me, please feel free to do so!