25 leadership techniques that work

  1. Lead from the front;
  2. Rely on actions, not on talks;
  3. Keep higher goals for yourself than for your followers;
  4. Doing what you say you’ll do;
  5. Don’t tolerate unethical conduct;
  6. Reward yourself last;
  7. Delegate work to the right people;
  8. Reward positive behavior;
  9. Show up even when you don’t feel like showing up;
  10. Respect people who work for your dreams;
  11. Do your homework and ask your people to do the same;
  12. Fire incompetent team members;
  13. Provide clarity;
  14. Act as if you are the one who owns the responsibility all the time;
  15. Influence skilled people to stay with you;
  16. Confront;
  17. Embrace realities;
  18. Communicate;
  19. Analyze;
  20. Share the credit wherever due;
  21. Be brutally honest with customers, employees, and vendors;
  22. Let judgment overcome personal preferences;
  23. Prioritize;
  24. Choose the right battles;
  25. Set a few, SMART goals!