15 things that motivate the employees

Which organization does not want motivated employees?

Here are the 15 things that can motivate the employees:

  1. Good wages as per the market standard;
  2. Job security – no fear of getting fired;
  3. Good working environment;
  4. Interesting work – which they would love to get engaged in;
  5. Care – from the management;
  6. Fairness – in the policies, procedures, and decisions that management takes;
  7. Appreciation and recognition – especially when they have outperformed;
  8. Help on personal problems;
  9. Feeling involved – the opportunity to participate in the decision-making process.
  10. Clear, measurable and achievable goals;
  11. Rewards based on performance – not seniority or relationship with the senior management;
  12. Little to zero corporate politics – it kills the organization and the employees’ loyalty;
  13. Respect – from the colleagues and the management;
  14. Constructive mentoring – from seniors;
  15. Promotions – when they are due!

A company with the motivated employees go a long way. Choose to be such a company!