12 words you should eliminate from your vocabulary

The conversations have the power to create or destroy anything.

The conversations are built on the words and their underlining meanings.

We often use many words that come with a certain set of outcomes associated with them. Here is a possibility to revisit your actions related to the below words which I think are good to eliminate from your vocabulary:

  1. Luck: Unless you want to chase exceptions in life, stop chasing luck!
  2. Status Quo: Don’t let “status quo” hold you back
  3. Complacency: Go ahead and replace complacency with hunger and watch miracles happen.
  4. Mediocrity: Your life is a gift and it calls for a celebration. Living in mediocrity is simply not the way to celebrate it.
  5. Indifference: If you know that you are indifferent to something important, you also know that it is hurting you NOW and it will hurt you LATER. You owe it to yourself to start doing something about it TODAY!
  6. Impatience: Patience rules!!
  7. Common Sense: “Uncommon sense” is scarce and if it was not, it would not be uncommon.
  8. Failure: Whether you accept it or not, failure is an integral part of the game of life. You can’t change it. However, if you do accept it, you have a new source of power as you can bounce back quicker from your failures. This will instantly provide you with some “extra time” focus and further increase the chances of success in the near future.
  9. Expert: When you love what you are doing, it does not seem like work. Continuing to build on your area of expertise is just that – doing what you really love to do.
  10. Free Ride: Rather than looking for free rides, start looking to pay a premium for things that are valuable. You will see a lot more opportunities there.
  11. Shortcoming: Winners don’t win because they don’t have any shortcomings. They do. They win despite having these shortcomings.
  12. Shortcut: Forget about taking shortcuts in life. They are too costly in the long run.

The above excerpt is a part of a thought-provoking article series called The Dirty Dozen that Rajesh Setty has written on ActiveGarage recently. Rajesh is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker based in Silicon Valley. He maintains a blog called Life Beyond Code and tweets as @UpbeatNow.