10 signs you are happy at work

Our behavior is like the UI and our being is like a blend of middle-tier/backend. In other words, we exhibit the type of energy and emotions that we feel in our body language.

Here are 10 signs that say that you enjoy your work and you’re very happy about it.

  1. You never drag your feet, but ready to run in pace with your goals.
  2. You are ready to attack the job each Monday after a refreshing and peaceful weekend where you had gotten a great time to spend with family and friends.
  3. You don’t focus on in and out time at the office whenever you think you need to get a specific task accomplished, you just do it and never look at the clock.
  4. You are happy to help your colleagues – always just because it gives you a sense of accomplishment. You’re in a good mood.
  5. You think that your workdays are short.
  6. Many of your good friends are at your workplace – you often love to organize gathering programs with your office colleagues.
  7. You care. About almost all the things related to your work.
  8. Things generally don’t bug you.
  9. You see little to zero bad corporate politics in the organization.
  10. You don’t know when did you last use sick leaves even when you weren’t sick!