10 peaks for creating performance focused teams

Every business aims for sustainable success and hence the founders/leaders try to achieve and maintain the same.

Chances of achieving such success become much brighter when they have performance-focused people.

And, empowering the people to perform at their best becomes much easier when business leaders understand how to leverage the innate desire of people to do their best.

Here are the 10 peaks to leave your people touched, moved and inspired to do whatever your business expects them to do.

  1. Maintain veracity. Be Transparent and do not keep any hidden agenda. Performance of your team would be directly proportionate to their trust in the leader – you.
  2. Strengthen your team members. Empower them.  It makes them stronger and strong individuals make a strong team.
  3. Maximize your team’s mental powers. Encourage them to discuss the best ideas publicly. Be open to what each team member has to offer. Bureaucracy is not an option.
  4. Put your team members first. Encourage them to sharpen their saw and then inspire them to play the right role for the right goals.
  5. Develop cozy tying with the team members. Leveraged relationships backed with integrity are what make things happen when nothing else works.
  6. Exhibit confidence. Be courageous. Be open. Welcome change and new ideas. Make sure to pass credit to the person who had come up with the original idea.
  7. Appreciate if your opinions and views are challenged. Invite a discussion. While in the discussion, listen. Either, be able to prove your views or understand the differences, make corrections and move on.
  8. Establish and maintain a culture where performance wins over corporate politics or anything similar.
  9. Recognize the benefits of focused execution. Empower team members to focus on one MOST important task at a time and finish it as soon as they can.
  10. Identify and isolate small sub-projects out of a big project. Hand the responsibilities of the small-projects over to the right team member – by promoting him/her into a leadership role – so that she and her subordinates are energized.

If the team is focused on individual and team performance, they are most likely to produce better results.

Power question: Are your people performance focused? If not, what you can do about it, right now?